children's Clubs

Teeny G's

Aged 3-4

Tiny G's

Infant School Age

Generation J

School Years 3-6

Next Generation 

Years 7-10

We have 4 main clubs that run on a Sunday morning. Features include a bible story, singing, quizzes and crafts. Our desire is that all our children will come to know Jesus as Saviour and be equipped to serve him with pride. We also aim to foster a great community among our children which will prove to be helpful to them in a sometimes challenging world.

We do not provide a supervised creche for children under the age of 3, but we do stream the sermon to a TV in the multi purpose room for parents who need to take their children out of the service. There are cupboards filled with toys for little ones to play with while parents listen to the sermon. Clubs go out during the first part of the morning service. A member of the worship team will indicate when they can leave, or it will be shown on the big screens during one of the songs. 


If you have children in Teeny G’s you need to pick them up after the whole service has finished. Tiny G’s children will be brought back to you in the main hall.

The older clubs will let the children come and find you after they finish. If possible please don't pick your child up early as this can quite often disrupt the lesson and a lot of the clubs will finish with prayer. A collection is taken during clubs to raise money for a child called Emerson from Brazil. The children sponsor and write letters to him. 


All our teachers are CRB checked